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    Meetings and Communication

Among the most fundamental processes that influence the effectiveness of any organization are meetings and other methods of communications. Efficient, productive meetings have a clearly defined purpose and desired outcome, engage all participants, and demand rigor in management. Setting the agenda deserves thoughtful attention, taking team membersí needs into consideration, and focusing on objectives and processes to achieve them. Managing meetings to be most effective and efficient means starting and ending on time, sticking to an agenda with defined time frames, and making sure all participants feel respected and have a voice. Other means of communication require thoughtful understanding of the audience and clarity in what they intend to accomplish. While these principles may seem self-evident, applying them consistently can require changing the mindset of everyone involved.

Often a critical part of our work in transforming teams and organizations and strengthening leadership involves helping them develop and sustain more thoughtful, rigorous meeting and communications practices. We are also called on in some cases simply to fix the meetings and/or communications practices for organizations. We offer our clients a clear process and management guidance that generally translate to greater efficiency and more satisfied employees.

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