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In 2004, founder and President Maryanne(Missy) Rittenhouse established her business to deliver comprehensive strategic human resources consulting. She initially developed her expertise over the course of 23 years with Corning Incorporated, where she held progressively responsible leadership positions in business and human resources. Since then, she has applied her considerable skills to benefit a wide range of for-profit and non-profit organizations with an equally wide range of organizational cultures.

MT Rittenhouse & Associates uses a network of carefully selected colleagues to bring additional specialized expertise to meet specific customer needs.

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At MT Rittenhouse & Associates, we are passionate about helping for-profit and non-profit organizations achieve their business goals and attain new heights through highly effective people and systems. We are skilled at strengthening leaders and teams, and helping them create, sustain, and consistently align strong, flexible organizations to achieve strategic business goals.

Our deep knowledge and experience enable us to assess strategic needs quickly and accurately, and then to partner with our customers in the design and implementation of rigorous, quality-based solutions. These solutions are always rooted in clearly defined goals, systems, and processes required to achieve them—sometimes including large-scale organizational change initiatives. With honesty, candor, compassion, and often a healthy dose of tension-reducing humor, we create comfortable working relationships characterized by respect and sensitivity.

Because we regularly work with firms that deliver a wide range of products and services –high-tech, manufactured goods, healthcare, and education among others—we have a breadth of experiences that enable us to bring success to widely differing organizations. Our track record for reliable, thorough, on-time follow-through is built on our tenacious work-ethic and our determination to deliver outstanding value to our clients.

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