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Most individuals who hold substantial positions in their organizations have strong skills and innate talents that have factored heavily in their success. Sometimes, however, even leaders at very high levels discover limits in their ability to advance their organizations or their own careers. While each individual is unique – and leaders are often quite distinctive in their personalities – successful leaders usually share some common attributes: the ability to anticipate and crystallize problems and opportunities, establish the right strategic priorities, engage and energize others throughout the organization, balance and meet the often-competing needs of a wide range of stakeholders, inspire confidence in others, share authority while maintaining ultimate responsibility, and communicate powerfully.

Our approach to individual leadership development begins with a rapid assessment of the individual’s own strengths and challenges, and – as appropriate – the culture of their organization. We then guide and coach them in developing those behaviors that have the greatest impact on their leadership. In so doing, we respect and reinforce the strengths and integrity of each personality. Our work with leaders, as throughout organizations, is characterized by candor, compassion, honesty, and sometimes a bit of humor to moderate the intensity of the process. We help them to identify growth objectives, and in undertaking a planned growth process, we draw from a roster of professional consultants in various fields to add specialized expertise as needed. As a result, the leaders we have worked with achieve their goals; some have even made quantum leaps in the financial success of their organizations or in their own career paths.


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