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The design and deployment of rational and humane people systems have a critical impact on an organization’s ability to operate efficiently and effectively and achieve its strategic goals. The same concepts apply to all organizations, whether small non-profits or global Fortune 100 corporations.

  • Well-defined, humanly meaningful, operational organization-wide vision, mission and values – While most organizations have these, they are all too often a collection of high-falutin’ words that sit “on the shelf.” It is essential to make these operational – a meaningful basis for the structure, management and change throughout organizations.
  • The right jobs – the overall structure of an organization that puts the right people in the right place at the right time to perform the core functions and meet the business objectives.
  • Individual performance management processes beginning with clear job descriptions; well defined performance objectives; periodic evaluation against these; managing, coaching, and mentoring individual growth; recognizing and rewarding achievement; appropriate compensation and benefits; and opportunities for individual growth and change.
  • Flexibility and change – including both the ability to routinely make shifts in quick response to changing needs as well as to bring about major organization-wide changes.
    With our depth of experience in all aspects of strategic human resources, we are able to assess situations quickly and partner with our clients to create effective, efficient, and humane people systems and organizational cultures.

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